October 22, 2018


Murder Mystery at the Conshohocken Free Library Recap in photos

Murder Mystery Recap and Photos at the Conshohocken Free Library


by Brian Coll


The old saying, they say a picture says a thousand words.. well, my words won’t mean much, because to the people that went to the Murder Mystery last night at the Conshohocken Free Library are still smiling from ear to ear after that performance. This is the 2nd annual Murder Mystery event at the Library. Last year it was Cheers to Murder that left people in stitches, and last night they went with a holiday themed A Dickens of a Murder. The cast and crew from Without a Cue Productions does a fantastic job, if you ever are looking for something to do I understand they perform somewhat regular performances at Peddlers Village. I would recommend a show to anyone. It had been a long, long time since I even thought about Charles Dickens and I thought I would be a little slow to pick up the action, but at the start of the show all my worries vanished. I didn’t know to know any back story to anything, the characters did such a great job of working the room and making everyone feel a part of the show or the event. Older men got up and danced, younger ladies talked about the costumes, I think everyone sung at some point and when the microphone came my way I somehow messed up a beloved Christmas Classic because I was laughing so much. Not pictured was the food…. everything was great from Pepperoncini. No one wants their photo taken while shoving food in their face……. If you missed it this year, make plans for next year. Grab friends, I think everyone had a great time.


Here are a few photos from the great event. If you want to help support the Conshohocken Free Library and missed this event, there is a Christmas Tree Sale currently taking place at the Library.








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