February 19, 2019


More Information on Plymouth Square Shopping Center Renovations

More Information on Plymouth Square Shopping Center Renovations


by Brian Coll


We posted a rendering of the renovation to Plymouth Square Shopping Center with some information. However, we see that people are speculating on what businesses are staying and going, and while we can’t speak for these businesses or their owners, we can share the listing we have in our hand about who is on the tenant list:



Universal nails

Hair Cuttery

Happy Maki


Weis Markets

Rite Aid



Hand & Stone

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Michelle Cleaners

UPS Store

Conshohocken Dental

Tony Roni’s Pizza

Citizen’s Bank

Dunkin Donuts

TruMark Financial

BJ’s Bilards

Sweat Fitness


If this list stays true, we want to wish the best to our old friends at Whitemarsh Jewelers. Also, by our count, Golden Dragon is not on the list, the beer distributor is not on the list, and Saladworks is not on the list. Also, it appears Gus Butera’s barber shop is not on the list.


We don’t work for the realtor, we aren’t in meetings with any of the businesses that are in the shopping center, this is simply the information we have. One of the businesses listed as possibly not being in the future plans could sign a lease, so we don’t know for sure if one of these places is going out of business or simply wasn’t included in the list. I guess we’ll all wait and see.

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