May 20, 2018


MARAH - Headlining Conshohocken Music Festival

MARAH – Headlining the Conshohocken Music Festival


by Brian Coll

     Yes! There is going to be a Conshohocken Music Festival this year and our old friends the Bielanko brothers and their band Marah will be back in their home town to headline the event. June 24th.


    This is Marah at one of the last shows ever performed at the Legendary Tin Angel in Old City Philadelphia.

     It is an all day event and will include a few other bands, starting with Lolly and Yoyo (for kids), Sparkle Pony, The Boatloads, Coast to Coast and the Sofa Kings. Gates will open at 1:00 with Lolly and Yoyo going on at 1:45. (kids tickets are cheap)

      Open seating at the “A” Field, bring a lawn chair or sit on the bleachers. First things first…. get your ticket. Use the code STUFF and save $5.00 of each ticket. Kids tickets are $10, adults are $25. and save $5.00 by using the code STUFF.

     This event is being brought to you by Love Conshy, and and it looks like John Kennedy Ford and Mazda are sponsors as well. John Kennedy is providing some bounce houses for the kids and some musical instruments for the kids to try out. (sounds great, I look forward to bringing my little ones) Kids under 5 are FREE.

      So, that is the events details. I have written about the band in the past and I think I have another story in me about the band and in particular Dave and Serge Bielanko who I grew up with. I guess check out our site in the coming weeks for more on our old friends and the band Marah. I urge you to check them out, go to youtube, or Pandora, punch in Marah and enjoy.

     This is my daughter Nora, standing outside the “A” Field wanting to be first in line to see the boys in Marah. I think she’ll also have fun with the opening act….. and yes, she is rocking a Marah shirt.

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