May 22, 2019


Looking For a Quick Hike? McKaig Nature Center - King of Prussia

Looking for a Quick Hike? McKaig Nature Center – King of Prussia


by Brian Coll


Within the past month, my family and I woke up on a Sunday morning with no actual plans… which never happens. So we decided to go for a hike. We have 2 little ones and a long drive to say a place like Hawk mountain wasn’t in the cards for us. We go to the Morris Arboretum a lot, and if you don’t know about that place, go check it out. It’s in Chestnut Hill and the Conshohocken Free Library even has passes for you. But on this Sunday, we wanted something different so we tried out a place called McKaig Nature Center, in near by King of Prussia.


It was a few minute drive and within minutes of parking at a school that is nearby we were walking on scenic trails, looking for bugs, and all the animals you would think of. I know we saw a few squirrels, at least one chipmunk and according to my little guy some dinosaur poop on one of the trails! It was a great walk, it was a nice day and we know there were other people on the trails that day, we only saw people here and there. We even played in a small stream at the end of our hike. I think the kids would have jumped in at the start of the hike, but then I don’t think we would have got far with two wet kids. As it was, I think we did about 2 miles all together and everyone really enjoyed themselves.


I know you can find it on Facebook, the actual address is 889 Croton Road, Wayne (right next to Roberts Elementary School). From what we understand this is all maintained through donations, so if you do go, there is a box at the start of the trail if you want to drop a few bucks in (or have the kids do it, mine like when they get to pay for things like this with their dollar bills from Me-mom)


If you go, let us know what you think, if you have been there before, maybe say something in the comments, you might have a tip for someone who wants to go check it out.


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