April 23, 2018


Let's Make Conshy a Little More Beautiful

Let’s Make Conshy a Little More Beautiful


by Brian Coll









I walk along Fayette Street most days, and every day I walk Fayette Street I think about how we can make some areas look better. I’m not blaming anyone, just looking to make certain areas look better and a few of them a little safer.


Here is what I am looking to do…… raise a few hundred dollars, buy some dirt and hardy plants and flowers and hopefully get a few volunteers to hit the streets one day and pull some of these weeds, throw in some new dirt and plant some flowers or plants. I don’t think they all need to look the same, I think part of the charm of Conshy is the way there is so much diversity in the architecture and we can play off of that all around. The photos I took today are between 3rd and 6th Ave and I am sure there are other spots that could use a little love. I have seen some holes in the dirt around 1st to 2nd Ave so maybe a group of people can not only make Conshy look a little better, but a little safer as well.


We don’t mind helping out in any way we can, but ideally someone with a little knowledge pf plants would like to help out as well. To kick start this cause I’m going to throw $25 bucks in the envelope. If anyone would like to donate stop by our shop at 324 Fayette Street. If anyone would simply like to donate a bag of dirt or a couple of hardy plants that would be fine as well. Let’s have a running discussion on the Facebook post and if anyone wants to help out with this cause maybe we can make it happen in a couple of weeks. If anyone sees an area that could use a little help like this please list in in the comments as well and maybe we can attack it. Early on in the planting process we could use a few people to water these plants as well until they are on their way.


If anyone has ideas we’d love to hear them. If anyone can help in anyway we’d love to have you. Once we get a few people behind the idea, we can pick a day to do some or all of the work, maybe a Saturday morning.


Thanks so much.

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