April 20, 2019


Lenny's Is Coming Back Bigger and Better!

Lenny’s Is Coming Back Bigger and Better!

by Brian Coll


I looked in the window at the old Lenny’s over the weekend and was sad to see things moved around, some stuff gone completely. Today I peeked in and saw Lenny chatting with a few people. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I thought I’d pop my head in and ask what was happening. Maybe just a final goodbye. Nope…..

Lenny introduced me to his new business partner! Ashley Govberg. Ashley was like me, sad to see Lenny’s close and asked him about it one day when she saw him bringing stuff out of the corner business at 9th and Fayette. Ashley thought he was retiring but saw he still had the spark and passion in the business. Together they worked with the landlord to sign a new lease.

So, here is what I got out of chatting with them for a few minutes. It’s the same Lenny, same location with NEW LONGER HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK (now open Sundays) Of course the pork is staying…. and in addition to your old favorites look for some new menu items, some specialty items, and with the additional hours look for breakfast items. Keep Lenny’s number for your catering needs and when they re-open in early March look for the website and some on-line delivery options.

In talking to Ashley, it sounded like she really had a passion for this project. She has a passion for food and the small town feel that Lenny’s has in Conshohocken. Ashley and her family have a sportsbar in the city called Stats on 17th. With her partnership with Lenny, she didn’t want to see a local legend close before he was really ready. So, it sounds like we’re going to see the same Lenny, longer hours with the location getting an interior facelift.

Look for the opening of Lenny’s 2.0 if you will around the beginning of March, hopefully in time for the Saint Patricks Parade through Conshy on March 16th. Ashley mentioned Irish Coffee and I’m not sure I can really talk about it, but oh well….. it sounds like they are going to be involved in the Irish Coffee Contest as a sponsor for the AOH this year. That’s very cool.

Lenny, best of luck. I’m really glad Ashley wandered in one day with a new lease on life for Lenny’s.

We can’t wait to get a pork sandwich again.

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