May 23, 2019


Lenny's is Back - Today!

Lenny’s is Back – Today


by Brian Coll

Yes, the brown paper is down, you can look in the window and check out the newly remolded space, or you can walk right in and order something off the new menu or stick to the classic cheesesteak or pork sandwich they are famous for. New menu you ask? Yes, in addition to better signage, there were some new items on the menu. I’ll start with the thing I can’t wait to try… Ashley’s buffalo chicken meatballs. I’m not sure how they are served, but I’m thinking I’m going to ask for some ranch or blue cheese just in case. Another new thing on the menu, homemade salads in a nice case. I saw a couple pasta salads that look like they would be the hit of any party. I’ll talk about one more new item…. the VEAL DOG. Apparently this is a delicacy in Switzerland and is making its way to America with one of if not the first stops in the USA at Lenny’s.

A few other things to note: Longer Hours now from 8-6 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 8-8 Thursday through Saturday and Sunday from 8-4. Online ordering

I am not sure if the online ordering is set up today as they are just reopening today.

Lenny, Ashley we wish you the best of luck.

I know it was important to Lenny and Ashley that they were able to reopen in time for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade (this coming Saturday at 2:00). Lenny’s is sponsoring the Irish Coffee Contest and is a sponsor of the parade. Thank you for looking out for the community.

Best of luck Lenny and Ashley!
Yes, Lenny’s is open again.
Great looking salads.
Nice selection of chips and beverages.
Easy to read menu
Coffee station
Did we mention soups?

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