May 22, 2019


Katie Hunter - Remember That Name

Katie Hunter – Remember That Name


By Brian Coll



I recently spent some time with local musician and singer Katie Hunter. Now, full disclosure, I’ve known Katie for a number of years through her mom and have watched her grow up from a distance. A couple of years ago we posted a video of Katie’s a song called Rock Star. And, we were thrilled to hear she has a new release out in advance of an album. Her new song is Moonstruck and I’ll be sure to share a link to hear it.


So, Katie stops in our shop the other day and we just start talking and before long I start taking some notes and I ask if she minds if I write about her and the music…. so here we go…. I guess when I realized I was going to do an interview I started by asking how long has she been singing. She had a great laugh and said probably at birth. She went on to say that instead of a normal baby cry or wail, she was humming a melody and in fact the doctor said to her mom that she should be named “Melody”. She was probably around 4 when she really remembers singing more than just nursery songs. I have seen her play guitar so I wondered when that came along and the answer really surprised me and I thought it was very cool that her senior year of high school she couldn’t memorize a Hamlet monologue so she started strumming the guitar and it came naturally to her to help get her through the monologue.


Now writing songs has always fascinated me and more importantly the process of writing a song. When I brought up the subject she was proud that she writes her own songs and some of them come to her very naturally while others she can work through a few versions of a song before reaching the one she puts out for people to hear. The longer process might take her a month or so.


So, of course since we are “Conshystuff” we had to talk a little bit about Conshohocken. So, we had a laugh as we changed gears of the conversation and started talking about summers at Sutcliffe Park and winters at the Fellowship House. It’s funny, I’m 20 years older than Katie, but Conshy kids can all relate to one another in some way. I seem to recall Katie being a decent basketball player even playing in the summer leagues on the courts at Sutcliffe.


Katie has a show coming up in Nashville in July, which sounds really cool, but for a more local  show catch her in September at the Kung Fu Neck Tie on the 26th.


After hanging out with Katie, I want her to play in Conshohocken so more of us can hear her! So, I’m working on an event to get Katie to play here for the hometown crowd if you will. Keep checking back for updates and we hope to have a great time!


Here is where you can find her music:




If you are on Apple music you can look for her under Katie Hunter. Her album is coming out soon!


Here is her YouTube interview with us.



We hope to have more with Katie in the near future!





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