March 20, 2019


It's one of Those Mysteries....

It’s One of Those Mysteries….


by Jack Coll

      Is there really an underground river flowing under Conshohocken?

     In the chapter “Murders, Mysteries & Scandals” in the books Conshohocken & West Conshohocken – People, Places and Stories. You might take this question about an underground river a little more seriously.

      In the Spring of 1958, a young couple out on their first date were sitting at the traffic light at 11th Avenue and Fayette Street waiting to make a right hand turn when the roadway under them collapsed and swallowed the car within seconds. The hole quickly filled with water endangering their lives.

       Over the years there have been many cave-ins. The cave in at 10th and Wood Street was the borough’s worst.

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