July 15, 2018


It's Been 5 Years Since Police Officer Brad Fox was Killed in the Line of Duty

It’s Been 5 Years Since Police Officer Brad Fox was Murdered in the Line of Duty


by Brian Coll









Two times this week I started my day with my family, and then made visits to memorials. On September 11th, I brought my children, both under 4 years old to the September 11th Moment of silence in West Conshohocken and I have brought them both to the monument at Washies Fire House. Today, I did not bring them to the Brad Fox Memorial. My daughter is at the age of asking questions. I was prepared for questions about why we were being quiet or why we were holding candles at the September 11th service. I don’t think I would have been prepared today if she asked me about Brad and why we were there. They are both horrible, but for some reason in my mind, I could have justified saying something about a group of bad people hurting our country and killing thousands of people. I don’t know that I would have been able to tell her about the piece of shit that killed Brad Fox and took a father away from his kids. Brad was about to turn 35 years old, that isn’t that old. He had a daughter and was having a son. I’m sure he would have went home that night and read his daughter a book just like I do with my daughter, I don’t know how to describe that to my little ones. So, when I pulled up this morning, I expected to go pay my respects, take a few minutes and just reflect. I wasn’t alone though. Normally on bikes rides past here or if I take a drive over I find myself alone. This morning a man got off his bike and for a second I thought he was just using the bench to rest and then I saw him say a prayer. I gave him a minute before taking my turn and having my couple of seconds with Brad. I have visited a few times over the past 5 years, I have noticed a number of police officers from different departments paying their respects over the years.


Brad, you would have been turning 40 tomorrow. I was given a sign a few years ago from an old friend, it simply says : Never Resent Growing Old, many are denied the privilege. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your life. You are missed here and I hope your family are doing well. Plymouth Township was a better place with you here. You and your K-9 partner Nick were very good to the people of the community. I hope you are resting in peace.

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