March 20, 2019


Is the Borough Taking Over a Public Street for Private Parking?

Is the Borough Taking Over a Public Street for Private Parking?


by Brian Coll



We’ve been around long enough and have seen enough in this borough….. one thing we haven’t seen too much of, if any is the borough limiting when people can park on a public street, unless it has been to issue permits to RESIDENTS… living on a busy section of a street. It is our understanding that tonight the borough is looking to limit the parking on a street to anyone not working in a particular building, a building with its own lot already. These photos were taken at 3:00 yesterday. A normal business hour. Judging by the photos I personally don’t think anyone should need a permit to park on this street. I think residents, business people and customers at local businesses should be able to park here as well as employees at the said building. I think it creates a slippery slope going forward. It’s late in the day, I don’t know if you are going to be able to reach your council person before the meeting tonight. But if this concerns you, maybe you can reach out to them, leave a message, maybe your councilperson gave you their cell phone number last election so they could make sure you voted for them, send them a text and see what this is about. Maybe it doesn’t affect you today, but maybe it will in the near future when someone else needs parking spaces and they come to your street.


Once again, 3:00 yesterday these were taken. The meeting is tonight at borough hall, and yes, it is borough hall looking for these parking spaces. (at least the building, maybe not for the employees at borough hall, but in their building)


This is Forrest Street between 5th and 6th avenues. Looks like plenty of parking spots available TO ANYONE, why limit who can park there?



Here is the lot that goes with the building, same time of day. Does the borough really need to take over this street? They currently limit when people can park there, this next move would almost eliminate residential parking here.

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