September 18, 2018


Irish Thunder's Piper's Ball - October 14th - plus one Piper's tale....

Irish Thunder’s Piper’s Ball – October 14th – plus one Piper’s tale….


by Brian Coll



I talked to my old friend Eddie Mongan the other day, we talked about old friends, music, basketball at Leland Park when we were younger and so on. We stuck around that music part of it for a little bit because Eddie picked up the bagpipes a few years ago and I knew he’d be a natural at it. The tough part is, even when you are a natural at something it takes a lot of hard work, practice, patience and so on, plus more hard work. Talkin bout practice….. if you walk or ride your bike on the bike trail in the morning, you may have seen Eddie over the years playing his bagpipes to the trail, the river and the birds….. He’s come a long way since he first picked up the bagpipes and since then he has traveled with the Irish Thunder all over to play in parades and parties….. even as far as Ireland. He’s come a long ways since his days of playing in a rock band Adopted Sun in that old mansion in Ambler (which is now Gypsy Blu). Now it’s been awhile since the Adopted Sun days so forgive me if I spelled it wrong…it could be Adopted Son…… So, this Saturday night I’ll be seeing my old friend Eddie play a much larger space then I have seen him play before with a much larger band. Eddie and the rest of the Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums will be playing at the LULU Shriners located at 5140 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting.


In addition to the Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums, check out other performances by the Paul Moore Band, DJ Mike Schmanek as well as the Coyle School of Irish Dance. Tickets are $35 and the party starts at 7. Of course dress casual and get ready for a good time. We understand it includes drinks and a buffet. (we can’t clarify the drinks if it includes alcohol or not). For more info call 610-864-5475



A little more about Eddie….. it’s not often I get to talk about one of my longest friends. I think we met about 25 years ago…. wow, yeah I guess it has been that long. If you know Eddie I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Eddie is one of those guys that just makes you feel comfortable talking to him about anything. Of course a few of his favorite things to talk about…. the Sixers, Cedar Heights, music and lately his passion for music has been a real help in putting him on the path with the guys and girls in the Irish Thunder. He got involved in the AOH a few years ago and it’s been a good fit for Ed. Eddie is a real giving guy, he’ll help a friend out anytime and I have watched him become a good father. His two boys mean the world to him. He’s always had a strong work ethic and has worked hard to instill that in his boys.


If you see Eddie at the Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums Ball this week give him a hard time and tell him you saw this on Conshystuff. I bet he’ll talk your ear off and if you don’t know him already you’ll be friends after chatting with him for a few minutes.


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