March 20, 2019


International Women's Day - Special Thank You to a Couple of Women from Conshohocken

International Women’s Day – Special Thank You to a Couple of Women from Conshohocken

March 8th, 2018

By Brian Coll


This week I’ve been to a few of our park’s and with today being International Women’s Day I wanted to point out a couple of special women in our boroughs history.


You’ve heard of Mary Wood Park, we can thank Mary Yerks Wood for that park. Mary loved Conshohocken, so much so that she left her castle to come back to Conshohocken when he husband passed away. And she loved the children of the borough so much she wanted her property preserved for the people of Conshohocken to enjoy as a park. We could talk for days about this family, but today we just wanted to thank her.


I know people were sledding at Sutcliffe Park yesterday. We have to thank Frank and his wife Mary Jane Sutcliffe for that park that we all love to play in. Our fireworks as a borough have been going off in that park for the past 18 years, wow, it’s hard to believe it has been that long there.


Thank you.


On a side note, I am glad I am raising my daughter in this day and age where I feel she can be whatever she wants to be, and do everything she wants to do. Just this week she told me she’s half artist and half doctor.

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