March 20, 2019


IMBIBE - A New Restaurant Coming to West Conshohocken

IMBIBE – A New Restaurant Coming to West Conshohocken


by Brian Coll


We have a great photo of Conshohocken and West Conshohocken from 1920, we have one that is 8′ long in our store and it is a real conversation starter. People are always looking to find their own house. Sometimes once we start talking and looking they will tell me the house they live in is newer than 1920 and we at least find where it would be if the house was built before then…. One of the landmarks we always point out is the bridge, actually the bridge is still under construction in this photo. The cool thing is we always point out Stella Blu and say this is where you get on or off the bridge depending on which way you are coming…. Well, we will have to now tell people, do you see this building here? It is home to IMBIBE.


Stella Blu was set to close at one point and then the process got sped up a little bit by mother nature and a pipe being froze. I’m sorry I didn’t get there before it closed to take some photos. However, I did take some photos of IMBIBE about to open. IMBIBE is located at 101 Ford Street in West Conshohocken. We want to wish them the best of luck. From what we understand they are hoping to open in April. We’re being told the concept is small plates, it looks upscale and sounds like it will have specialty cocktails and a nice selection of wine by the glass.










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