February 19, 2019


I'm Not Blaming Anyone, But.... Please read and drive more carefully.

I’m Not Blaming Anyone, But….. Please Read and Drive More Carefully


By Brian Coll








I’m NOT Blaming anyone.


Our shop is right at 4th and Fayette, so yesterday was an odd day for us. Our work day started with an accident where a gentlemen died crossing the street. Sadly, we knew early in the day that he wasn’t going to make it as the forensic team worked the scene. I felt terrible as people were offering up hope on Facebook and sending prayers. It wasn’t our place to say anything until his family and friends had been notified. We do know some of the details of the accident, but it’s not our place to talk about them. I do know the person driving is devastated and nothing we can say or do can bring him back. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and church community.


Less than 12 hours later at the same intersection, SAME INTERSECTION!!!! Two vehicles were involved in an accident that caused one of the vehicles to flip over. Now, normally this isn’t a photo we would post or even take, but with two horrible accidents in less than 12 hours we needed to take a few photos and share them with you. From what we understand everyone walked away from this, at least one person involved was taken to the hospital.


Here’s the deal….. We could blast people texting, we could blast people driving distracted, we could say the police aren’t doing their jobs, we could say that the new mayor who promised us safer streets failed on his promise, BUT we aren’t going to blame anyone. Do you want to know what we are going to do? We are going to ask all of you, and us to drive safer. It’s simple. We have over 9,000 people that see what we do on Facebook, if those 9,000 people can drive the speed limit it might slow down other drivers. We as a community like to blame outsiders and newer people and so on, but if WE are the change, maybe, just maybe I never have to write about this again. In each of the circumstances yesterday there was a reason, there is also a reason these things are called accidents.


I know a number of police officers in our community, they are hard working people who dedicate themselves to helping our community and the people in it. I know the police chiefs in the area, these are good people. I have met the new mayor a few times, Yaniv seems sincere and wants to work to help avoid these situations. Mayor Frost lowered the speed limit to 25 on Fayette in his time along with council and also installed the Pedestrians crosswalk signs about 10 years ago. These people are all working hard to keep our streets safe. We can help….. drive the speed limit, put down the phones, make sure your vehicle is operational when you leave your house in the morning. It starts with us. We can’t leave it all up to the crossing guard. We can’t leave it all to the police. It starts with us.


Today, I walked Kevin Lukens across the street. If you didn’t know Kevin is blind and walks our streets. Normally I walk him to the corner and watch as he crosses the street. He’s pretty good at getting around, but he was hit a few months ago and we were talking about the pedestrian being killed yesterday. Kevin had some tips for those of us who walk in the borough. He told me he always crosses at the lights. He seems to like the one at 6th Avenue because it is a better sight line that the one at 3rd Avenue with the hill.


I could continue, but I want to get the point out there, it starts with us. Let us be the change to safer streets. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful.

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