June 16, 2019


If You are Just Finding Conshystuff - Thank You

If You are Just Finding Conshystuff – Thank You

Here is a little bit about us….


By Brian Coll

First of all, welcome if you are somewhat new to the website or maybe you’ve been with us for awhile, thank you. Occasionally someone will ask us how we know so much about Conshohocken or the surrounding communities and part of that answer is we’ve been here for 40+ years. Before I get too far, Conshystuff is really comprised of the Coll family. I (Brian Coll) went to Hervey Walker before it became Conshohocken Elementary, played kickball at the Fellowship House, played little league baseball here, played football at the former Archbishop Kennedy and generally roamed the streets of Conshohocken for most of my life. My sister Jackie Coll (Soapbox Derby Champion) takes a lot of the photos you see on our Facebook page. Jackie gets to a number of events in the borough and helps put together all of the things we do at Conshystuff, including and not limited to the Conshystuff Food Drive which this past year brought in about 40,000 pounds of food for people in out community. Our dad Jack Coll writes a lot of the historical articles you see on our website. Our mom Donna is probably the biggest inspiration for all of us. She has always encouraged us to think for more than ourselves and in that way we serve the community.

Jack for years worked at Hale Pumps and during his time there he started taking pictures around Conshohocken. He started coaching football for the Bears and later for the Plymouth Whitemarsh Spartans. He took a lot of photos of youth activities in the community and his photos appeared in the Conshohocken Recorder for years as well as the Norristown Times Herald and other publications.

One of the things we have taken away from Jack’s time as a professional photographer, is we do not like taking photos of fires in our community. While it may make for a great photo or a story, at the end of the day, someone lost their house, a family member, a beloved family pet…. we don’t need to remind someone of a tragedy by taking that photo and posting in online. We will post on our Facebook page to stay away from an area to allow first responders to do their job. We are very grateful for our volunteer firefighters and all of the local stations.

We try to stay positive on our website and Facebook page, occasionally we have to address an issue and we try to take an approach somewhere in the middle, at the end of the day we are all neighbors and have to live with one another.

On our Facebook page and Twitter feed, we will occasionally post random photos of a place in the community. We could put an address to the picture or the years it was open, or if it is a current business we could post hours, but part of it is….. it’s social media. We like when people talk about the great food, or fantastic customer service they experienced or how much they miss whatever it is they miss about a place. We enjoy the interaction and the conversations that follow.

In addition to being here for 40+ years, we have been involved in so many of the good things that have taken place in our community over the years. Jack was involved in the Fellowship House when it was still a non profit, non borough entity. We have all served on so many community events such as the Funfest, the former Mayors Carshow and Halloween Parade, helping fundraise on the monuments that are at 2nd ave as the September 11th monument by Washies. We continue to serve the Conshohocken Free Library and Colonial Neighborhood Council.

We wear our hearts on our sleeve, we love Conshohocken, we love West Conshohocken, we love Plymouth, we love Whitemarsh, we love Lafayette Hill. While we don’t cover Upper Merion, Bridgeport, Norristown… we know these communities all cross paths and our first responders help other communities out.

We are all very lucky to be in this community during this period in time. Look at our restaurant scene…. it was never like this. While I miss places like Wally’s cheesesteaks and Bolero’s Pizza we have more than enough quality places to make up for it. There is always a friendly face at the Boathouse or Great American Pub. I’m loving the diverse dining choices that just weren’t here while I was growing up here in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s….. Honestly I think besides Italian Restaurants and a very limited number of Chinese restaurants there wasn’t much in the way of an ethnic meal, now, we are so lucky to have 3 amazing Mexican restaurants here, a Greek place, a Thai restaurant. It’s really a great time to be in the Conshohocken’s, especially if you like to eat. I think you could eat out at a different place every day of the month and not repeat yourself.

So, thank you. Thank you if you are just finding us, thank you if you have been here since day 1. Hopefully our website and Facebook page is offering a little something for everyone. If you see us around the borough, please say hi. Recently we’ve had some great conversations with people who say hi… you don’t know me, and then we chat and guess what, now we know each other.

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