March 20, 2019


I Went to Bucci's

I Went to Bucci’s


by Brian Coll




I took a knee at the end of the parade with family and friends in the store and asked her to marry me (well, according to her I never said the words, and she is right) I had a fortune cookie do the talking for me. After a long, very long pause, she said YES.


Long before Saturday we took a trip to see Joe Bucci of Bucci Jewelers. Joe is a great jeweler and an even better man and human being. I had no idea what to expect, selection and price wise. She had an idea of what she may and may not like as we walked in. Seeing actual rings in person changed her mind. There is only so much you can do online, when the moment comes, do yourself a favor and walk into his store. It can be overwhelming, but Joe made sure we were right at home. It was a very comfortable experience. Joe knows for most people this is a once in a lifetime thing and he wants you to get it right.


I don’t want to spill all the beans, but we went with a stone called Morganite and it was more affordable than I thought it would be. The savings can now be used on our “taste of Conshohocken” wedding when the time comes.


Joe, I can’t thank you and Michelle enough. We love it.


Anna, thank you for saying Yes……I’m looking forward to the rest with you.


She approves!

Showing off the bling!

I felt like I was on that one knee forever!


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