April 23, 2018


I Like Amazon....but I LOVE FLOCCO'S and other local businesses...

I Like Amazon…but I LOVE FLOCCO’S and other local businesses!


by Brian Coll



So, I went to Whole Foods this morning for a couple of staples that couldn’t wait. As I’m picking up my milk for my little ones and bananas, because they love bananas and now someone needs a cookie…anyway, my mind started thinking about the deal I heard that Amazon was buying Whole Foods for something like 13 billion dollars….. now mind you, if Amazon came to me wanting to buy Coll’s Custom Framing for a billion dollars I’d have to take it. I honestly love what I do, so I would then have to open another frame shop in the heart of Conshohocken just to keep doing what I love to do, frame cool things and talk to people about everything Conshohocken when they come through my front door.


Here’s he thing though, Whole Foods has been good to our community, I don’t want to lose that aspect in this deal. I really don’t want to lose more mom and pop shops to the internet. I’m not just talking about Amazon, I feel like we have lost so much already to the internet. I admit that I shop on Amazon, mostly for CD’s, yes I still buy CD’s, I like reading the liner notes. I would go to Disc World, but they closed at some point years ago. Even the brick and mortar Best Buy doesn’t have the selection anymore of music.


I know it’s impossible to stop our on line shopping habits, but if there is the chance you can buy something locally, please do. These are the stores and shops that support Little League, Football, your kids play at school and so on. Without our local mom and pop stores we would lose a sense of community. Even the Conshohocken Music Festival taking place next week has a strong tie to local businesses… LOVE Conshy is one of the major sponsors and the group consists of local businesses and business people…. keep that in mind the next time you put that thing in your cart…. wonder if you could walk into a local shop and make someones day as opposed to adding to the cart of a company able to spend 13+ billion dollars on another business.

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