June 16, 2019


HOW Group - A Video Tour of old Borough Hall

HOW Group – A Video Tour of old Borough Hall

by Brian Coll


We have been very lucky to walk through old borough hall or Leeland during the renovations. The HOW Group has been very courteous in allowing us to take photos and video or just walk through while they were renovating the building. If you have followed our website you know we lived about a half a block away from this property for years and have always admired it. We love the history of our borough and community. Before we post the video, I feel this property ended up in the best possible hands. The HOW Group had a vision, they had the means to not half ass this project. They renovated this building from top to bottom, inside out. It wasn’t an easy project, I’m sure there were some closed door discussions about this or that during the renovation process but at the end of the project, it is amazing what they created.

This is on our YouTube Channel if you somehow lose the feed. Thank you for walking through old borough hall with us. Thank you HOW Group for letting us into your new offices. We wish you the best of luck.

Come back soon as we will have a video tour of the old police station.

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