December 15, 2018


High's and Low's of 2017

High’s and Low’s of 2017

by Brian Coll




I’m going to start with the lowest of the low’s of 2017. This way, maybe by the end of the article you’ll have a smile on your face.


Lukens family tragedy. This is still too fresh on my mind. While this tragedy didn’t take place in Conshohocken it affected the community. Bryan Lukens lost his two sons to a tragic fire this month. He managed to get his wife and daughter out of the burning house but lost his sons. I’m empty even writing this. There are a couple of benefits taking pace to help the family in the time of need. One is taking place January 13th at Washies Fire House, tickets are $25. There is an event at the Valley Forge Casino January 20th as well. Tickets are $50 to this event.


As you may know, my family has a framing shop here, and we were approached to frame some items for the family for the services. Over the past 20 years of framing, I have framed items that have went to the White House, to governor’s and mayor’s, we have framed priceless pieces of art and every childhood memory and things in between. Nothing has been as difficult as framing these boys baseball and soccer jerseys. I worked on these memories for three nights in a row and every single night I sat here and cried while working on these items. I couldn’t work on them during business hours because customers would have saw me in tears holding onto these memories. I am so saddened by this. We have tickets available at our shop for the January 13th event and as people have been coming in to buy them there are so many grown men with hints of tears in their eyes as they write the check or throw the money on the counter. I pray no one has to feel the pain the family is feeling everyday.


I was going to look at some other sad news from the community, but honestly I can’t. Let’s look at some positive things.


Conshohocken hosted a Music Fest this year headlined by local boys Marah who came home to play the A Field. The event was put together by LoveConshy and and they did a great job.


Josh Leone put together the Conshohocken Free Christmas Dinner. This is a wonderful event.


New Playground equipment came to Conshohocken this summer and we expect more to come this upcoming summer.



Free Concerts at the parks all summer long.


Murder Mystery night at the Conshohocken Free Library.



Mayor Bob Frost brought in some superheroes at the Conshohocken Free Library and Conicelli autoplex made a large donation so the library can upgrade the childrens area.


The CBC Club had a Budweiser Cyldesdale and the Gypsy Saloon had one of Santa’s Reindeer at various times this past year.



Of course Mayor Bob Frost hosted the annual car show, Halloween parade and Christmas tree lighting in addition to bingo at the Marshall Lee Towers and other events throughout the borough.


Speaking of Mayor Bob Frost, come January we will have a new Mayor. Yaniv Aronson won the election for Mayor of Conshohocken this year and gets sworn in, in January. West Conshohocken also elected a new Mayor. Gregory Lynch will be taking over in West Conshohocken come January. Mayor Joseph Pignoli did a great job in West Conshohocken for years.


Saint Patrick’s Day parade, well, we can’t wait for 2018 and the parade that will take place. It seems every year it gets better and better. All we need now is a perfect weather day.



Conshohocken Funfest was on Fayette Street again this year. It has been a nice tradition that ran for over 20 years, took a year off and has come back strong on Fayette Street.




Something we haven’t shared publicly before but it needs to be noted. Our community came together and raised some money for Carl, Carl is the guy who cleans the streets all over. A friend of mine named Dan Esposito started a gofundme and it brought in over 2.500. We will have the video soon showing the heartfelt reaction from Carl. Thank you to all who made it possible.


I know there was more… oh yes. Conshystuff hosted a Fayette Street clean up and planting. We had a number of volunteers who did a great job in making Fayette Street a little more beautiful. The people at Flanigans Boathouse brought all the volunteers in for lunch that day and Scoops gave everyone free ice cream for working for our community.




Conshystuff also put together the Food Drive again for the 5th year and brought in about 30,000 pounds of food. This doesn’t happen without all of you. All the food and items stayed in our community. We couldn’t be prouder.



Let’s look at some photos from 2017. Be safe this holiday weekend and enjoy 2018.












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