June 16, 2019


Heaven's Newest Angels

Heaven’s Newest Angels

by Brian Coll


This is from the website, amazing.

I love my mom.

Today, my mom was packing up a box and we just started casually talking. I didn’t see what she put into the box. As we are talking she mentions that she heard about a group of volunteers who take old wedding dresses and create something new for babies who didn’t make it. It took me a second to catch that and let it sink in….. babies who didn’t make it. I got really sad just thinking about that statement, but then I got really proud of my mom for thinking that her dress from 45 years ago could help a family going through what is most likely the worst time in their lives. This group of volunteers takes old wedding gowns and creates something new for neonatal babies to full term infants to be laid to rest in.

I wanted to include a link to the website in case anyone has been thinking about what to do with an old wedding dress. http://www.heavensnewestangels.org/

My mom also packed an old communion dress in the box hoping they can make something out of it for a little angel who didn’t get to see what this earth has to offer. I am so proud of my mom. I have always loved her, she has been the moral compass for our family and her doing this today has made me really appreciate life in general. Thank you mom, thank you to the volunteers at this organization.

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