June 21, 2018


Having a Party? Check out a few of the local things to consider....

Having a Party? Check out a few of the local things to consider….




by Brian Coll



     Two Lane Slip and Slide


Conshohocken Italian Bakery Tomato Pie



Mastracola’s Famous Pork


This past weekend we had a party for my sons first birthday, my daughters 1/2 birthday and why not just have a party….. Here are all the things we had at the party and didn’t have to drive all over the map to make it an awesome party….


Beanie Bounce Party Rentals was the first call, they provided a 2 lane slip and slide. It was awesome! Kids and adults were racing each other and it was so cool. This weekend it wasn’t that hot, but the slip and slide was still a big hit.


Boathouse and Below Deck Bottle Shop. Since we had a diverse crowd, I wasn’t sure what people would want to drink, so we picked up a few six packs and 12 packs at the Below Deck Bottle Shop. We ordered some wings and I’m not sure the wings actually made it out to the entire party, I may have had some before everyone got there…. (don’t tell anyone)


Conshohocen Italian Bakery. The only question there was one tomato pie or two. we ordered a bunch of rolls for the hot dogs we had and the amazing pork from…..


Mastracola’s! Did you know that you can now buy Mastracola’s Pork at Whole Foods? Look for it there, if you don’t see it, ask! I may have got lucky this weekend as I think they were just starting to sell it there. I can’t wait to go back, buy some more and let it simmer in the crock pot for football season. We had some sharp provolone cheese and broccoli rabe with the pork and it was out of this world. It was a big hit, I think 10 lbs went in a couple of hours.


Piermani’s Beer Distributor. ICE ICE BABY. We picked up the big 40 lb bags of ice there and a case of Miller Lite.


Scoop’s….. now you are wondering what we picked up at Scoop’s, a big container of water ice. Call in advance for the most flavors, but I stopped by and picked up a big water ice, it went great for the kids and the adults may have topped it off with some vodka or rum


Pasta Via, we ordered a tray of wraps and a Gluten Free pasta salad just in case anyone had an allergy. It’s something to keep in mind, it was very good.


I hope everyone who came out to the party for the kids had a great time. I think we were able to pick up everything for the party within a square mile. I think we live in one of the greatest communities in America and the fact that we were able to host a lot of friends and family and everyone had a great time and we didn’t have to go far for anything made it all that much better. Many places aren’t lucky enough to have all these things available close to them Let’s make sure this can continue, please shop local, support each other.





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