April 23, 2018


Happy Father's Day - A Day Late

Happy Father’s Day – A Day Late


by Brian Coll



        I didn’t talk to my dad yesterday on Father’s Day, it’s not because I didn’t have the time or because of distance or anything like that….. it’s because we are together 6 days a week for the past almost 20 years working together at Coll’s Custom Framing. Coll’s Custom Framing is celebrating 20 years in business this year. We opened on Fayette Street 20 years ago in July. I (Brian Coll) actually opened my own frame shop in Malvern in 1998 about a year after my dad Jack opened his here. In 2001 we merged and were able to purchase property on Fayette Street and have been working together every day since. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are all so lucky that we get to work together on a daily basis. I am blessed to be able to bring my little ones here with me and have loving family around them. I still feel bad though for not getting to talk to him, I half expected to see him at Sutcliffe park during the annual Fathers day softball game between Hector and Elm Streets. I was there with my little ones playing on the new equipment and posting a live video to our Facebook page about the softball game, he actually showed up soon after I left to take some traditional photos for possible use in one of the books he has been working on for years. I ended up going to the Boathouse with my family for lunch while he ended up hitting the Great American Pub with my mom and other family members. So we just missed each other a few times through the day.


Now that I am writing this….. I feel a little better for not actually calling him, he had a full day as he was telling me this morning at our normal Monday morning chat. My dad is a one of a kind, he doesn’t have a cell phone, so I probably would have missed him calling the home phone number. If any of my childhood friends are reading this, it’s still the old 828 number we grew up with….. I love seeing the old 825 or 828 numbers when people write down their phone number here at our shop. It gives us an idea of how long someone has been in Conshy. We’ve been here since the mid 70’s, while it seems like a very long time, there are families here for a much longer period of time that that. I’m not sure any of them love Conshy the way my dad does. I need to touch on that for a minute… My dad got involved in everything Conshohocken through the years, and that style of volunteering left a mark on me and my sister. Always giving back. Always giving back long before that was a popular term. Always giving back. To this day he is still involved in so many things. Just last week he went to a Mary Wood Parkhouse meeting and cares deeply about the community.


As busy as he was and is still, he never left me and my sister feel left out. We were always welcome to things around the community, something at the VFW….. we went along for a hotdog, something at the Fellowship House, come along and play or sit in the meeting and find out what goes on to keep places like that open (before the borough took over) if he had to go take a photo we were more than welcome to tag along. I felt lucky. I still feel lucky. I’m 40+ years old and still get to see my dad on a daily basis. As I was flipping through Facebook yesterday I felt bad for a few friends who lost their dad at an early age. I felt bad for some friends who didn’t have the best relationship with their dads. I thought about kids I grew up with who maybe didn’t have the best role model, I would like to think my dad did his part for the other kids in the neighborhood. I felt like he included just about the whole block in everything we did. My parents only had one car, and when it became apparent that my parents would be taking more than just me and my sister to the movies or baseball practice they went and bought a van. They didn’t have to, but that is the type of people they are and I’m lucky for it. I think my sister would say the same thing.


I’m not trying to rub this in anyones face or anything, I’m just very lucky and fortunate and I should have called my dad yesterday even if I got the answering machine. It was Fathers Day after all and I have a pretty damn good one.


I have to thank my dad Jack for so many things, of course I am not the person I am today without him. Let’s face it, without his getting the camera bug when I was a young kid, we probably aren’t in the framing business. Without him taking pictures and starting to write a little for the old local paper we probably don’t have this website where we get to talk about our love of Conshohocken. Without those things, we probably aren’t working together. Without us working together my parents probably don’t get to see my kids nearly as often, and we all have something special and I think that would be a real shame if we didn’t have that going for us. My sister and I are lucky my dad was never a selfish person or we wouldn’t have had the childhood we had. Thanks for always being there dad.


If you’re a dad, I hope you had a great day yesterday, I hope the kids or someone special took you out for lunch or dinner, maybe got a card, maybe took a walk or did something you wanted to do. I had a great day with my kids and some special people in my life. It was a very Conshy day for us and I loved every minute of it. Happy Fathers Day. A special happy fathers day to my dad Jack.


Jack and his grandson Rocco.



Jack and his granddaughter Nora.


He really loves them so much!

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