May 22, 2019


Halloween Parade tomorrow

Halloween_Parade2013 This event is one of the great things about Conshohocken. For those of us that have been in the borough for a long time know that Conshohocken wasn’t always as “rich” as it is now. It is because of this fact that I love the Halloween parade. This event gives parents one more chance to wear those expensive costumes that their kids want. One more chance to go see some friends, see some neighbors. It’s a free parade. The Mayor’s Special Events Committee works hard during the year to raise some money to be able to give out prizes. Not only are there prizes for the winners of the costumes contest, but there is the Mayor’s Trivia. Free Hot Dogs and Soda. Who knows, maybe even some stores will give out candy along the way.

Our camera crew will be out looking for the spooky, the creative, the funny and even the super heroes!!!! Stop back and check out our website one day next week for the gallery wrap up.

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