June 16, 2019


Groundbreaking at the New Hotel Site and Amerisource Bergen

Groundbreaking at the New Hotel Site and Amerisource Bergen


Photos by Jack Coll

Story by Brian Coll

On a perfect Conshohocken day, ground was broke at 1st and Fayette. A number of dignitaries, elected officials and business people spoke briefly before picking up the shovels and getting to work.

Rich Gottlieb with the SORA project.

John Chou – Chief Legal & Business Officer with AmerisourceBergen

Steve Collis – Chairman – President – CEO of AmerisourceBergen

Gina Clark – Chief Communications & Administration Officer AmerisourceBergen

Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes

Conshohocken Borough President Colleen Murray Leonard

Bill Glazer – CEO Keystone Property Group

Getting ready to break ground

Official Groundbreaking

We have photos from when ground was broken here back in 1983 for the first office building in Conshohocken. We could speak of the long history of this piece of property, but let’s focus on today, and what will be built at this location:

This is what is coming to lower Fayette Street with the official groundbreaking today.

The concept photos are from Keystone Property Group.

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