July 15, 2018


Goodbye Jack Siletta

Goodbye Jack Siletta


by Brian Coll


Saying goodbye is never easy. It seems like every time I turn around our community is losing someone else. It was a week ago I got a text from my friend Matt Siletta telling me his dad Jack passed away overnight from a heart attack. I had just seen Jack that week, he didn’t look like a guy ready to say goodbye. He looked like he was getting ready for the Eagles to end training camp and start the season. I guess he just gets to watch them from a better seat.


In all my years of knowing Jack, I don’t know that I ever saw him just crack up and laugh at something. He’d flash a smile once in awhile, but you had to be quick to see it. I think he was as professional as they come. I had dealings with Jack in both capacities in his role as a borough inspector and in the later years when he was working as a plumber again as opposed to inspecting other plumbers work. When he was employed by the borough, I think he took his job very seriously and wanted to protect the home owner as well as the boroughs interest. Not everyone agreed with him, and I think he was okay with that, he was doing his job and it may not have been an easy one. When he was working for himself and his son Matt, he was very matter of fact. He could give you a timeline as to how long he thought something would last and in some cases he would tell you to replace it sooner than later….. I’m guessing he was right most of the time.


I’ll miss seeing him around Conshohocken, I’ll miss seeing him show up to repair some leaky sink I may have in the future. I know there are a number of people in and around Conshohocken that will miss him a great deal including his family including his sister Antoinette, his sons Matt and John and I understand there was a third son who I have never met named Jonathon who lives out in Arizona. I am sorry for your loss.

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