December 15, 2018


Good Vibes Shirts in the Conshohockens. Custom Shirts

Good Vibes Shirts in the Conshohockens. Custom Shirts


by Brian Coll



I’ve been looking for some cool shirts lately, and now that the Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl I have been on the hunt for even more shirts and found these guys and there awesome shirts. I got the chance to catch up with Carl and wanted to share a little of what we talked about and we might have some of there cool shirts for sale in the near future.


So Carl,

I see you make custom shirts and are on ETSY, what got you started?

I’m obsessed with custom t-shirts. I own a t-shirt for every occasion. My wife is a graphic designer and has been making me shirts for years. After friends and family caught on, a ton of people have been asking us to design custom shirts. I’m the idea creator and my wife executes the design. Most of our shirts are based off of our interests including sports.

How has ETSY been?

We opened our storefront in December 2017 to bring some custom t-shirts to the area for the Holiday Season. Etsy was a great beginning platform to gain interest. We are launching a website in a few short weeks… stay tuned.

Do you find it’s mostly local customers or do you have shirts that work well anywhere?

Starting with an online presence, we’ve had folks buy our shirts from all over the country. I quickly found out Eagles fans live everywhere (anywhere from CA to FL and in between). We do have a great local customer base in Conshy, Philadelphia and many of the surrounding suburbs.

What is your favorite part of this business for you?

Getting creative and producing custom shirts you can’t find anywhere else. So many crappy t-shirts are sold down at the stadiums before a sports game. We pride ourselves on designing truly authentic, custom and unique apparel. Our design approach is simple, yet uncommon. We love the city of Philadelphia. We love the town of Conshohocken. All of our shirts are printed one at a time, making it truly unique for each person who owns it.

Is this a full time job for you at this point?

No. We only opened in December 2017 as an online only business. It’s a huge passion and dream of mine to open a retail location. Keep an eye on us – we are only getting started!

How long have you been in Conshy?

My wife and I are residents of West Conshohocken. We settled on this side of the bridge 2 years ago. We’ve lived in Conshy for 7 years prior – East 7th, East 8th and Hector St. We absolutely love this town. I am originally from Delco and my wife grew up in Williamsport (making her a Steelers fan). We actually met here in Conshy at the Great American Pub many years ago.

That’s very cool you met at the Great American Pub. I was just talking to the owners and they are excited about adding a roof top deck for dining. What else do you like about living here?

We love the local feel of this town. We love going out to local restaurants, shopping local, drinking local beers, attending local parades and being part of a caring community.

Do you have an Conshy shirts in mind? I’m sure I could come up with a good one for you.

We do! We kicked our store off with several options for the city of Philadelphia (Go Eagles!!), but designing shirts for Conshy is next. I am passionate about bringing some great designs to this awesome community. Let us know your ideas! We can make anything.

Did I see something about a digital printer? How does that work?

We print all of our shirts with a Digital Printer. This allows us to create a custom one-off shirt if someone is interested. We also print and sell to wholesalers and hope to bring more local shirts to Conshy.


Thanks so much, best of luck, and let’s hope business soars for you like the Eagles.


Now, I know they are working hard to fill orders, I don’t know that the orders will be ready for the game, that is on the crew at Good Vibes. I have seen some great shirts down at Flocco’s if you can’t get one of these cool shirts in time for the Super Bowl. We’ll catch up with Good Vibes next week and see if they have some new shirts…… Fly Eagles Fly!!!!


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