May 23, 2019


George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast Video Tour

George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast Video Tour


by Brian Coll

We are so happy for the owners of the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast. Joe and Carol Rutkowski. Joe and Carol, I remember walking through the building soon after you bought it. I was in absolute awe of the building and I knew it was in the right hands. Don’t get me wrong, you had your work cut out for you. There wasn’t one room in the building where you could look at it and say… we don’t need to do anything here. Every room needed to be refinished, but not totally gutted. You needed to keep the charm of the building. I could be wrong, but I believe that building was built in the 1880’s and had some unique features. Fireplaces were the method for heating the homes in that time period and there were a few of them in various states. There was a lot of old woodwork throughout the building and you wanted to keep as much of it as you could, and you kept it and it looks amazing!

I could talk about George Washington Wood, who he was, what he did and so on…. but today, I want to focus on the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast. In speaking to Joe and Carol, they were quick to thank Dave Pizzico who did a lot of the restoration and renovation work with great care. I noticed Brad Byrne doing some landscaping there one day and I know other local contractors worked on the property over the past two and half years. All in all, I know Joe and Carol have to be thrilled with the final results.

Joe and Carol, thank you, thank you for being able to bring your dream to 201 East 5th Avenue. Enjoy the video walk through:

Video tour of the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast. We took the tour with Joe Rutkowski (owner)

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