May 22, 2019


George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast Update

George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast Update


by Brian Coll



It looks like they are getting close to being ready to furnish and decorate the George Washington Wood B & B located on East 5th Ave in Conshohocken. I had a recent conversation with the owners who are getting excited and today a walk through with the contractor.


We’ll have more details as we get closer to the opening, but today I witnessed an exterior staircase being installed ( a very nice fire escape I would assume ). I witnessed a fireplace and some walls and woodwork getting stained and she was doing an excellent job. The little details looked amazing under her fine eye. I finally saw what looks to be the lobby if you will and the kitchen has never looked as finished as it did today.


Here are a few photos and we hope to have the opening date soon for you.








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