April 23, 2018


FREE Things to do in and Around Conshy


Free Things to do in and Around Conshy


by Brian Coll





A friend of mine recently lost her job.  Being a single parent I cannot imagine what she must be going through. And I started to think about free things that we can do in Conshy.    I first thought about coupons and rebates.  Last year my Mom did not spend almost $3000.00 using coupons and rebates.  It took some time and organization to do this but Hey if you lost your job, all you have is time.  Just making sure to have everything needed when shopping and paying attention to detail, She wrote down every penny she did not spend and it added up.

But back to free things to do in Conshy.  We have the St Patty’s day parade. The Soap Box Derby, the Fireworks, the Mayors Special Events Halloween Parade, the Car Show, the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. The movies at the Library. Tons of books and other stuff at the Library. The free concerts at the park.  We have walking trails and the bike trail. A new walking path at the A-Field. If you have a fishing pole we have the river. We have the Funfest in the fall.  We have the beautiful parks. The Motorcycle “Rolling Thunder” riding through Fayette Street. In the spring you can watch the Little League baseball games at Sutcliff Park and in the fall the Golden Bears midget Football games are also free of charge to watch. What other things do you do for free in Conshy? Really, if you have something else in mind that is fun and free list it in the comments on our Facebook page. Other people might be looking for stuff to do. In fact there is a FREE yoga class in West Conshy on Thursday August 3rd at 6pm outdoors at the Four Falls Building.

And of course the Colonial Neighborhood Council is available to help out when needed.

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