June 16, 2019


Flanigan's Boathouse Does Catering and WOW IT'S AWESOME

Flanigan’s Boathouse Does Catering and WOW IT’S AWESOME


by Brian Coll



This is a first hand testimonial… We were blown away by how well our weekend party went over. For a few years my family has a party in the summer time. At first it was just a party, then it became a birthday party for my little guy. Each year we rent a slip n slide from Beanie Bounce, invite a few friends over and have a good time. We get the normal party food, a tomato pie or two from the Conshohocken Italian Bakery, some pretzel trays from the pretzel factory place and normally some sandwiches. This year we thought about maybe adding some wings from the Boathouse. When we glanced at their website we saw a catering menu and decided to check it out.


After looking it over, we actually skipped the wings and went with an assortment of other stuff including an amazing pasta salad…. crab cake sliders! BBQ Pulled Pork sliders!!! Mini Cheesesteaks that melted in your mouth. We knew it was a hit when person after person came up to one of us and asked where the food came from, are those really mini cheesesteaks? I can’t believe my child likes crab cakes….. one kid came up to me with a mouthful of cheesesteak and told me it was his 4th! How cool is that. The food went over so well, I would love to say I am still eating leftovers but the amount of food they provided to the number of people I told them we were expecting was perfect. I think even a few people that we thought were on the maybe list showed up and there was still enough food for everyone.


Thank you Boathouse! While I was there I grabbed a couple of six packs to add to the assortment of beers we had in the cooler. It was like one stop shopping and the staff even helped me carry it all to the car. Thanks.


I just looked up the website so I could link the catering menu if you want to check it out yourself http://boathousepa.com/catering-menu.asp

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