May 22, 2019


First Ted's Place Closed, Now Keystone Pizza in West Conshy?

First Ted’s Place Closed, Now Keystone Pizza in West Conshy?


by Brian Coll


I’ve been hoping not to have to write this…. but every time I call Keystone for the past month or so it has been closed. For the past 3 weeks there has been a message on the answering machine saying they are going to reopen at the end of April and the staff is together after a business remodel…. and I really wanted it to be true, that they were going to reopen. However, I saw one of the employees on a job search this past weekend and I still didn’t want to believe it, but it could be true.


What does this mean? For me it means I have to find another place in the area that makes a killer gyro like Keystone did. (so I’m taking recommendations) Also, it means that 2 of our 8 contestants in our Best Pizza Contest have closed their doors since the contest ended only a few months ago.


We were thinking of doing a Best Cheesesteak contest but I don’t want to jinx anyone…. so we’ll wait a little bit before we do that contest.


If we hear an update from Keystone we will pass it on. I’m hoping for the best, but it has been over a month now.

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