February 18, 2019


Fight ALS - Thursday at Gypsy

Fight ALS – Thursday at Gypsy


by Brian Coll



My parents had their first dinner at Gypsy Saloon in West Conshohocken the other night. I don’t think my dad has been there since it was McGuire’s back in the day and I’m not sure my mom was ever there. They did not know what to expect. They had a great meal and a nice time. They ran into a few friends so it made a new place to them feel a little more comfortable. In addition to seeing a few friends, the staff and owners made them feel at home as well. They had a nice conversation with one of the owners Kim. They could tell she takes a lot of pride in her business and is happy to be part of our great community. During the conversation Kim had mentioned a family member going through a battle with ALS and mentioned an event that they were hosting to help the fight. They are working with the ALS Hope Foundation and are having an event this Thursday night. The details of the event are Thursday from 6-10pm. tickets are still available (as far as we know) and cost $100. Live music, fantastic buffet style dinner and you get a $20.00 gift card to one of the Conshy Girls Restaurants. If you are around, this is an event worthwhile and we hope it is a great event. Kim, I don’t know if you will see this, but we are thinking of you and your family.


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