August 14, 2018


Fayette Street Grille was our Restaurant Week Destination

Fayette Street Grille was our Restaurant Week Destination


by Brian Coll


The reason I only hit one place during restaurant week here in Conshohocken was because I was away for the week with my family in Ocean City New Jersey. So, a few times now it has happened where my vacation takes place during restaurant week and we can only pick one place to eat on Sunday. We normally get a few people together and pick a spot. This year we choose the Fayette Street Grille. It is actually our second time picking the Fayette Street Grille for restaurant week, but this year there are new owners. You want to know the great thing, the new owners worked there with Doug Runyun the first owner and executive chef, so it was a smooth transition. The new owners are Jim and Jen Sugalski and I have another story coming soon on them and the Fayette Street Grille, for now I’m going to talk about our wonderful meal and great night.


Three of us went, we were all excited to go back after having tried it a couple years ago. Two of the three of us that were there had spent some time hanging out at the Fayette Street Grille during the Ambucs Restaurant Rally in May. Instead of talking in code the rest of the story, it was me, and my friends Kim and Dorian. So Kim and I had been there during the Ambucs Restaurant Rally and we started laughing at all the things my daughter did that day as we looked around the busy restaurant. We were brought to our table and the hostess and waitress were very nice. It’s a BYOB in case you didn’t knw that…. we did not bring anything for the table and they kept the ice water flowing….. a large group at another table must have had some homemade lemoncello that looked yummy as they all toasted their friendship.


We all took a long hard look at the menu and we kind of were picking each others brains as to what each person was getting. In theory it sounded nice that we would maybe share with each other, in reality when my crab dip came out I politely offered my friends some, but I think I may have stabbed one of them with a fork if they took more than a small bite. It was great. Kim got the best looking shrimp I have seen and Dorian had something with sausage that he thought was really good. In between courses we chatted about Conshohocken, our friends, and maybe a little bit of Game of Thrones. Now, I don’t think I have ever sat with this group of friends in silence, until the main course was brought out. Dorian had a mean looking Chicken pasta dish, Kim had what looked like the perfect lamb chops while I had a large but tender piece of pork. Once again I think we played it cool and offered each other a bite.. I don’t think anyone actually accepted and then we sat there and didn’t talk… I may have noticed someone licking the plate, okay it was me. Just when you thought it was over, our waitress brought over the dessert menu. Dorian had the chocolate midnight cake, it was chocolate, some more chocolate, layered with more chocolate and then had a moon made of chocolate on it. Dark Side of the Moon! Okay, that was the name of it. Kim had a refreshing sorbet while I am a man child and went with the salted caramel ice cream. It was a perfect ending to our night. Of course we sat there a little longer and rolled ourselves out of the restaurant.


Once again, the staff was great, the owner/executive chef Jim visited our table to make sure everything was okay. It was a great night with a couple of great friends. A wonderful meal, overall a very pleasant night. Thank you Kim and Dorian, thank you Fayette Street Grille, I hope to be back soon.



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