May 23, 2019


El Limon - Now Open at New Location

El Limon – Now Open at New Location


by Brian Coll

We were on our way to El Limon today and found a guy walking out of the Fayette Street location looking a little confused. He was there to pick up an order and was wondering where everyone was…. turns out, El Limon moved! Right around the corner to 103 Spring Mill Ave (the old Ted’s Pizza location).

The new location looks great and looks like it seats a few more people comfortably.

Here are some photos, I recommend you go check it out for yourself. My family loves El Limon!

A sign is posted, letting everyone know El Limon is Now Open for Business.
My young children were excited to see a character from the movie Coco, ( no offense to the day of the dead celebration, just thought it was cute )

They now have a slightly more quiet space for patrons to sit and eat.

View from Spring Mill Ave.
This is the main dining area.

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