March 20, 2019


Easter Egg Hunt - It Was Great Seeing So Many Young Families

Easter Egg Hunt – It Was Great Seeing So Many Young Families


by Brian Coll

        I’m in a strange spot, I have been here my entire life, I’m in my early 40’s as well as a father to 2 young children. Today, I was thrilled to see the large turnout at the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Conshohocken. The event took place at the Conshohocken Community Center – The Fellowship House. For years the AMBUCS would host this event and it was always a great turnout. I don’t know the details, but this year it seemed as if it was a borough run event only. So, the old timer in me wants to thank the AMBUCS for years of putting together this event. I have to thank the Borough and staff at the Community Center for putting together this years as well as recent years Easter Egg Hunts.


The staff did a great job of bringing everyone in, getting them registered and organizing the event with three different age groups. The kids all seemed to be able to go hunt for eggs at their own pace. My little guy was happy with 2 eggs that he found all on his own, my daughter with the slightly older kids did great. I talked to a lot of happy parents at the end of the event.


Here is what I thought was the best part. A NEW generation of kids playing at the Fellowship House. I saw some people that I grew up with there with their own children as well as new Conshohocken residents with their own children. It was great. I hope all of these parents can introduce their children to the Fellowship House with other activities, not just the egg hunt. Here is where the borough and staff can help make that happen, introduce new activities there, maybe some open play times. Set up a soccer net and see how many kids show up to kick the ball around. There was some gymnastic type stuff there that kids were playing on, I’m sure some parents would bring the kids there for an open play time, after school or on weekends. There is a NEW generation of families here that would really benefit from more things to do there with the kids. Parents talk to each other about school, kids get to just be kids.


The Fellowship House has always been the community center no matter what the name is. Kids and families have went there for years and have felt safe, enjoyed themselves, learned from their mistakes. It is such a great asset to our community. I only hope it can continue to play a role in our community. Parents, if you are seeing this, let’s try to make the most of it together. We are very lucky to have this as well as the Conshohocken Free Library in our community.


One more thing, today I met the new director of the Community Center. I want to wish Lauren the best of luck. You are now in a place where we have been lucky to have some of the best directors of any facility anywhere. Going back to Mr. Donofrio, Floyd Schaeffer, Darlene Hildebrand, Steph Cecco and while Frank was never the director as far as I know, he was the heart and soul of the Fellowship House for 50 years. Welcome to Conshohocken Lauren.

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