December 15, 2018


Eagles Tribute tonight on the Goldberg's

Eagles Tribute Tonight on the Goldberg’s


by Brian Coll




This photo was taken at the Conshohocken Brewing Company when it first opened. It was great to catch up with old friend Merrill Reese there that day. Merril has that golden voice that you hear when you listen to a quality broadcaster, he’s a bit of a homer and that’s okay. I’ll take him over Chris Collingsworth everyday of the week. I would pay to listen to Merrill read the phone book I love his voice so much. We were lucky to have Merrill and longtime Phillies great Harry Kalas on our radios for years. So, if you want to see Merrill and a few other Eagles personal pop up on TV, check out the Goldberg’s tonight. The Goldberg’s takes place in our area and it seems every week they sneak something in that only Philly people would get. I love the show and I can’t wait to check it out tonight. The Goldberg’s comes on ABC at 8 p.m.


One more thing, as a lifelong Eagles fan, damn it feels good to know we won the Super Bowl, that feeling hasn’t left me. I think watching tonight will just be one more reminder of how amazing this season was for the Eagles.



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