May 23, 2019


Deli on 4th - Check them out

Deli on 4th – Check them out


by Brian Coll

Located at 4th and Fayette, it’s hard to call it a hidden gem since it’s right on the main street here in Conshohocken. However, people are still finding it.

If you’ve been a customer there over the years you probably know Steph. Steph started working there about 12 years ago, yes really that long ago when Donnie Mac took it over. Steph actually bought the business about 2, 2 and a half years ago. If for some reason you tried it years ago, and maybe it wasn’t for you, give it another try. Steph and her coworkers are great, they treat you with a friendly smile when you walk in, are quick to take your order and will even bring it to you at your table inside or out. Recently Steph bought the building and plans on being here a very long time! Congrats.

Steph Morinelli on the left with Lauren Martin on the right back in 2010 when they worked for Donnie Mac

Let’s talk about the Deli on 4th, recently they have added a few tables outback on a nice patio. They are expecting self ordering kiosks in the next few weeks as well as online ordering. Currently Door Dash delivers for them, but she is looking into delivery options.

If you are out and about on Saturday for the parade, look for them out front, the 7′ leprechaun will be an easy landmark. They will be serving hotdogs, cheesesteak spring rolls, Conshy Bakery Irish potatoes, Pretty Tasty cupcakes is creating some chocolate covered pretzels for them. Need a coffee or hot chocolate? They have you covered.

Before I let you go….. I have to tell you how proud I am of Steph. She started out all those years ago working for Donnie. Over the years I watched her go into real estate, but she always had a passion for the deli. As we were chatting today, she asked if I ever thought she would be here this long, and I had to be honest with her and tell her yes, I knew she had the drive to be great at everything she does. Even today, I wanted to take a picture of her and use it as the feature photo for this little story, but she wanted her crew in with her. She knows she has good people around her. I have now known her since she started there all those years ago, and she has always been an incredibly hard worker and as a business owner she has continued to improve the business, even when it wasn’t hers, she always had an eye on how to improve the business. Steph, your friends and neighbors at Coll’s Custom Framing are very proud of you and we are thrilled you are finally our neighbor. Congrats on finally buying the property.

Steph is on the right outside the Deli on 4th.

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