September 18, 2018


Day of the Girl - October 11th - an open letter to my little girl

Day of the Girl – October 11th – an open letter to my little girl

by Brian Coll



All day long I saw a little blurb on Facebook about it being the Day of the Girl. I wasn’t sure what it was or what it meant. It turns out it is a recent declaration, only 5 years ago did this become “A DAY”. Here’s the thing, it shouldn’t have to be “A DAY” girls should be equal to boys and vice versa, we are all people. True, I’m a 40 something year old guy talking about this, but I feel I’m pretty equal to people, treat me how you want to be treated and so on. The great thing is I think my little girl takes after me in that regards. I watch her and she is always polite and thanking people (unless she is really tired) she is kind and caring. She asks questions, and she’s at the age where some of those questions I’m not sure how to answer, but I want to answer everything. I recently started looking things up to answer her correctly as opposed to saying I don’t know. She’s a great little girl. I am very lucky. However it isn’t always luck, the old saying it takes a village, well, I am lucky to have a good village around her. Not only Conshohocken and the community but a close circle of friends and family.


I wouldn’t be lucky if it weren’t for the amazing women in my life that were all little girls at one point. It starts at home, her mom. Her mom is a hardworking smart woman, why she is with me I am not sure, but I am lucky, we all are. I know where my little girl gets her questions from, mommy is a scientist who looks for answers all day long. Her mommy also loves the outdoors and doing a little exploring. It’s probably my fault that we don’t do more exploring with the kids. We are lucky to still have both sets of parents, my parents are wonderful and my daughter spends a lot of time with my mom, they look a lot alike, and they have similar styles. Watching them eat lunch together somedays you would think they are much closer in age, not grandmother and granddaughter. They really get along. On the moms side her mom is a singer and I think my daughter has a little showbiz in her. We recently went to Dutch Wonderland and at the end of the day I asked my little girl what she liked and it was the little shows that the characters put on around the park. I thought that was very cool.


My sister Jackie plays a big role in all of our lives. She of course helps me out with this website and the food drive we put together every year. Putting together the food drive on paper is one thing, going out into the community, and picking up all the food over the course of 2 months at a number of drop off points is another. My daughter will sometimes help drop off the food to the Colonial Neighborhood Council. She’s still too young to understand about all of the worlds problems, but she knows when she carries in a box of cereal that another little girl out there isn’t going to bed hungry at night, and maybe that’s all she needs to know at 3 years old. Her Aunt Jackie is a wonderful person and boy you should have seen her as a little girl, she did it all, cheerleader, dancer, baseball player as she got older it became softball and volleyball. On Forrest Street as kids she would play every game the boys played. I hope my daughter can follow along and do everything she wants.


Her aunt on her moms side is a world traveler and it’s fun to get the postcards and hear the stories at the holidays. My daughter doesn’t see her that often, but I think she likes hearing about things in real life she only sees in books. My Me-mom lies spending time with my little girl, they seem to talk about jewelry and there is lots of… Me-mom watch this when we visit as my daughter goes into some wild spin and my Me-mom hopes nothing comes crashing down.


Her aunt Julie, well, she is one of the strongest women I know. Julie is one of if not the best moms I know. She is just incredible. She has been so great to my children. She just gets it, when my daughter needed a drink of water one day, she pulled out Spider-man and Bat-man cups that her boys used when they were younger and since then my little girl has loved superheroes. How cool is that? Julie is a fighter, she recently fought breast cancer, and I know that won’t be what defines her, she is so much more. My daughter loves watching her aunt Julie make treats, and who doesn’t. They make great treats together.


I talked a little about what some of the women in my daughters life do, and I hope my little girl does EVERYTHING. I hope I never ask her what do you want to be when you grow up, I want to see EVERYTHING that she does. I’m not in a rush to watch her get to some goal that might not make her happy when she gets there. I want her to be happy doing everything she wants to do. I can picture her being the first singer/dancer/baseball MVP winning/doctor/shrimp boat captain and a few other things…..


Besides family she has a lot of great women in her life, we have some great friends, some of whom have their own little kids while others don’t and that is the great thing about it. She is surrounded by so many great people. She can watch all of these amazing people in her life and make her own choices and follow her own path. Hell, I’d love if she came to work with me at the frame shop when she gets older, I love working side by side with my parents, but I will never force it on her, and if she does end up working here with me I hope she still does everything she wants to do. Come to work with her old dad, then go save the world while making herself happy. She has great teachers, she is learning computers and Spanish before she is 4 years old, I think I was around 14 before either of those things came into my life.


It takes a village, and I’m lucky, we’re lucky to live where we do, in the time period we are on this earth, it’s a great village, and we have surrounded ourselves with great people and some fantastic female role models for my little girl. I hope she reads this one day and knows how much I love her and I can’t wait to see her grow up ( not too fast though honey, I’m loving every single step of your life) I hope she does everything and anything she wants to do. I’ll be the proud dad at everything….. I’ll try not to me too loud cheering you on in everything you do. I love you. I will always love you.



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