April 20, 2019


Date Night at Bar Lucca - WOW.

Date Night at Bar Lucca – WOW.


by Brian Coll


I don’t pretend to be a food critic, just a guy who when he has a great local meal has to tell people. This past Saturday night we had a rare night without our two wonderful children and we looked at a few gift cards we had received from friends and decided to go to Bar Lucca. We didn’t know we were going there, so we did not have reservations. Our options at the time of our arrival were the bar or the pizza counter, and we picked the pizza counter. What a treat. In the future if we do go with a reservation I think we will choose the pizza counter because it made the meal an experience. We looked over the menu and ordered a meat plate to share as an appetizer. I ordered a gnocchi for dinner and she pulled the trigger on a pizza with prosciutto. While we were waiting they brought over some bread and delicious oil. The server was knowledgeable about the menu and the questions we had. The general manager stopped by and we had a nice discussion about wine. We were introduced to the gentleman making the pizza, these guys were great, in addition to working their asses off they were friendly to everyone who took a peek into the kitchen. Our meat plate came out and everything melted in our mouths. It was terrific. So, when our meals came to us we were ready, but still savoring the melt in your mouth meats. I’ll be honest, I’m a big guy and the gnocchi didn’t look like enough when it first arrived, then as I went into it, I realized two things, one it was so flavorful that I wanted to take small bites and two the bowl was deeper than I realized. So when it came time for dessert I really didn’t need anything, it doesn’t mean we didn’t order anything though! She loved every bite of her pizza, I tried a piece as well and was very impressed. Back to that dessert, it was ladies choice and she saw something that caught her eye with both espresso and gelato. It was great.


The entire night was fantastic, we loved it. We hadn’t been there since they opened, we did visit when they first opened. So it was a real treat to get back 2 kids later. I loved when it was Totaro’s, I enjoyed some nights there with friends and live music. I look forward to my next great meal there, maybe I’ll bring some friends and sit at the pizza counter.


Here are some photos from our evening.


The pizza oven at Bar Lucca.

Our Meat plate appetizer

The gnocchi was to die for

Proscuitto Pizza, wow.

Espresso and Gelato (One of us was up late Saturday night)


Did I mention, they stopped by with a complimentary glass of homemade Lemoncello? It was a perfect addition to our meal there. Thank you BAR LUCCA.



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