April 20, 2019


Cool Old House part 2

Cool Old House part 2


by Brian Coll

Back in April of 2017 I took a tour of a house on East 9th Ave. It was an old house, it had good bones and the builder decided to work with it as opposed to tear it down and start from scratch. Each option had it’s pluses and minuses, luckily for the builder he had a couple in mind for the house and they wanted something with some character.

Fast forward a year and a half and Natalie Direnzo stopped in the shop to tell me about the progress they have made on the home. (once again, I know she and Chuck Borkowski have been married for what seems like forever but I just can’t stop calling her Natalie DiRenzo) So, my eyes lit up when she said the couple who bought the house would be willing to let me walk through and do a follow up if you will.

I was excited a year and a half ago when I found out they were keeping a cool old Conshy house and today I was really excited as I walked through the front door into the amazing home.

Before I go any further, I have to thank the newly married couple who own the home, I keep saying home as opposed to house, because I can tell they have made it their home in the short period of time they have been living here.

So, Thank you for allowing me and now all of Conshystuff into you home

Before I show you the NOW… let’s go back to the THEN.

Now….for the NOW tour……

They really worked hard to incorporate old parts of the existing house with a modern twist.

Once again I can’t thank them enough for bringing me (and all of us) into their home. Chuck and Natalie and company did a fantastic job incorporating so much of the old bones in the new house. Mike and Alanna did such an amazing job creating a home in the cool old house. Thank you. Best of luck. It felt like I was a photographer for one of those home and garden magazines, everything was so nice.

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