April 20, 2019


Consider Helping This Family Out - With the GIFT of ADOPTION

Consider Helping This Family Out – With the GIFT of ADOPTION


by Brian Coll


     Through my daughter and now my son I have met a number of new people. I think I am mostly known as Nora’s Dad or that guy that Rocco doesn’t let go of by their peers. One of my daughter Nora’s friends for what seems like forever, but hey they are only 4 years old or so is this sweet little girl Fionna. Her parents are very cool people and I seem to gravitate towards a conversation with them at the school functions. Matt and I ran into each other at a sawmill one Saturday morning and found out we have more in common with each other than either of us would have thought. So, you’re wondering why I’m talking about Fionna’s parents Matt and Kristy. Well, it turns out they would like for their family to grow. Here is how we can help, read this article, share it, tell some other people about it, and maybe, just maybe someone out there will be considering giving up their unborn or newborn child for adoption and we can help these very nice people. Here is what Kristy had to say about the process and there is a link at the bottom that you can check out.


Matt and I have had a very long road with adoption, dating back to 2013. We always wanted to adopt; immensely inspired by Matt’s sisters’ families who adopted from Ethiopia. We started out in an Ethiopia program for a few years but it dried up.

We then moved to a domestic infant adoption program and, after much waiting, were matched last Fall. Unfortunately, the match resulted in a failed adoption one month post-placement when the birthmother decided she wanted to parent.

This past January we joined a new agency. Our agency is wonderful but so far we haven’t been matched, and we are trying to put ourselves out there more.

They say adoption is not for the faint of heart and I can’t think of a truer statement. We remain hopeful.

We are told all the time to not be shy about adopting and to let everyone know our plans. Matches do happen this way…a friend-of-a-friend or an acquaintance or a coworker or a random encounter. Please help us spread the word by sharing. Thanks!



I am hoping the right person sees this and can help this amazing family out. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


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