May 22, 2019


Conshystuff - Teacher of the Month

Conshystuff – Teacher of the Month


by Brian Coll



Starting today, we are looking for who YOU think is deserving of a Teacher of the Month award. We would love to hear who you think deserves to win. Every month for at least this school year we are going to point out an educator in the community. This can be from Pre-K through high school. We would like to keep these teachers in our community. Here is what you can do…. e-mail us at and tell us why someone should win. Please include what grade, where they teach and what class or classes. If you have more info such as how long have they been there and what makes you think they are deserving that would be great.


Each winner will receive a gift certificate in our community, maybe a cup of coffee, or some wings, maybe a local frame store….


We know there are a lot of great deserving people in our community and we can’t wait to hear who think should win!

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