March 20, 2019


Conshy Courier... please take a minute to read

Conshy Courier, Please take a minute to read


by Brian Coll



By now, you may have heard the news of the Conshy Courier. If you haven’t, the Norristown Times Herald and Morethanthecurve both covered it and we try to stick with good news here, so we won’t be getting into the bad details.


When it first started we wrote a few things for it, because it sounded like it was going to reach people in their homes similar to the way the old Conshohocken Recorder did, and if you know us, you know we were fond of the Conshohocken Recorder having worked there in some fashion. I started delivering the paper when I was about 6 years old, my sister Jackie took over my route when I moved onto the Times Herald, my dad took a lot of photos for the Recorder for years and my mom worked in the office over the years. So, we had a soft spot for an actual paper delivered to people. We were proud of what we wrote for the Conshy Courier. We provided some photos over the year and a half or so it was in publication. I do have a gripe or two about certain aspects of the Courier, but it isn’t mine…


Here is what we can offer in place of the Courier if you enjoyed it: We still promote good local events, we talk about the current issues of Conshohocken and the surrounding communities, we offer a glimpse of the history from time to time. We have a unique perspective of Conshohocken and the community. So, if you are just finding us for some reason, welcome. If you were an advertiser in the Conshy Courier, please call us for options. This is crazy, but we have nothing to do with the Courier besides writing occasionally for them. We have no financial responsibility to the Conshy Courier or the owner, but if you advertised with the Courier, and you prepaid and are out some money, we will work with you. We understand the small businesses and what we all go through. If you would like to advertise with, please call us and let’s figure out how to help you out if you are out some money. 610-825-7072


We’re sad to see it go, but we are still here. We will keep doing what we have done for 5 years online and our lifetimes in this community, keep people informed, talk about the good stuff. Have a great day.

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