February 19, 2019


Conshohocken Lost a Handful of Good People Recently

Conshohocken Lost a Handful of Good People Recently


by Brian Coll



It seemed everyday I opened the newspaper or looked on Facebook an old friend or family member of a friend was passing away the past couple of weeks. I know I’m not going to be able to name everyone and speak at length about these people, they deserve more than the few words I have for them.


First off, if you knew these people, if they were your brother, your mom, your dad, your friend, I am truly sorry for your loss.


In no particular order we lost Bob MacKay, if you knew Bob, it was no secret he loved the Eagles and I’m pretty sure I saw him rocking a few shirts with the Grateful Dead on it over the years. Bob, like many of us in the area probably said they could die happy after watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl this February, sorry Bob, but it didn’t have to be this soon……


Kevin Moore, Kevin was born Anthony and is remembered by his friends and family and if you ever witnessed the carrying of the statues at the Saint Cosmas and Damian Feast annually, you probably watched Kevin carrying the statues with a sense of pride and a smile on his face.


Michael Marine, Michael, I watched your family working hard on the 4th of July at the Soap Box Derby. You raised them right. The entire Marine family extended down to your grandkids and their kids… every time I see one of your family members I am greeted with a smile, a friendly word or two and I know they share a love of Conshohocken with me and my family and a strong work ethic. I know people would have stepped up and did more on the 4th so that your family could grieve but I also know they wouldn’t need it, you did a good job sir. They loved you, and your work ethic carried down to them.


Dave Porrecca, we’ll miss you. He also loved his Philly sports teams, in fact he was buried wearing an Eagles jersey. Maybe that Westbrook jersey brought the Eagles a little luck this past February. You left a lot of friends and family here wishing for a little more time with you and your infectious smile. I know your nephew Jack will miss you, maybe you and your mom can keep an eye on the rest of your family now that you are together again.


If you know the Bulger boys (Larry, Bryan and Patrick) from growing up here, their mom Cathy Palmer just passed away. Cathy went to Kennedy and raised three good young men. Cathy was a lifelong Conshy resident and a member of Saint Matthews Church. One of her nieces may have said it best when she said “With humor, snark, hard work and quiet courage she showed me how to raise sons and how to do it on your own”


I know I may have left someone special out, these people stood out to me, based on my experiences with them or family members. These people all left their mark on Conshohocken through friends and family and in the community. Once again, my sincere condolences to those of you who knew these people and lost them.

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