June 16, 2019


Conshohocken Little League - A Conversation with New President Scott English

Conshohocken Little League – A Conversation with New President Scott English


by Brian Coll

Hi Scott, is this your first year as Conshohocken Little League President? Who came before you?

I’ve been on the board for 10 years now but this is my first year as President.  Before me was Russ Kerr and before him was Charles Mascio. 

So, what can you tell us about the upcoming season?

Our Board did a lot of work in the offseason to develop a renewed vision for the league.  Not that things were broken, it’s just that sometimes change is good.  We reached out to a number of people who have coaching experience from the little league to high school and legion level as well as a couple ex-Presidents of other local little leagues and convened what we call our Advisory Board.  The group has been fantastic in supporting what we were trying to achieve and helped us develop a roadmap for the future.  Some highlights include:

  • Setting basic but specific goals for player skill development beginning at the T-Ball level.  It helps create some consistency in what our players are being taught and set a set of expectations for our coaches to use as a roadmap. 
  • Compiling information to help our coaches.  We want to develop not only the players but also the coaches.  Check out the “Coaching Tips” tab on our website (www.conshylittleleague.com) if you want to see more.
  • Making it a point to include more women.  We are proud to say we have 9 women coaching this year among our 19 teams.
  • Work to increase community involvement.  More on our efforts there in later questions. 
  • Focus on being positive and making baseball fun for the players above all else. 

There’s more to it and it’s all a work in progress but we feel really good about the strides we’ve made so far and the direction we’re headed.

I’m assuming it’s too late to sign a kid up at this point, so for parents thinking about it for next year, what are the ages? Types of leagues for the ages?

We offer a number of levels of play from ages 4 to 18.

T-Ball for 4/5 yr olds

Coach Pitch for 5/6 yr olds

Pitching Machine for 7/8 yr olds

Minors for 9/10 yr olds

Majors for 11/12 yr olds

Juniors for 13/14 yr olds

Seniors for 15-18 yr olds

Even though our registration has closed we don’t believe in turning kids away who want to play baseball.  If anyone still wants to sign up, they can.

When do games and practices typically take place?

Almost every day!  Our T-Ball and Coach Pitch teams will have one game and one practice per week.  Our older teams will play games twice a week on average starting next week and fit in practices where they’re able.  We also try to hold open/joint practices for entire age groups for any players that want to get more reps.

Opening day is right around the corner, is there a parade this year? What activities take place on opening day?

Opening day is Saturday, April 13th and yes, there will be a parade.  Our teams will start at the Fellowship House at 10am and walk from there down to Sutcliffe Park.  The borough police force will lead the parade and shut the roads down to ensure our players are safe. Washies and Conshohocken #2 are each providing fire engines to lead and follow the parade, the VFW Post 1074 honor guard will march with us and present the colors during the ceremony. None of these organizations has to do it but they want to do it for us.  Conshohocken is such a tremendous community in that way. 

At the ceremony, the CE chorus will be singing the national anthem and “take me out to the ball game” and the mayor and the “first lady” will be throwing out the first pitch. 

Activity wise we’ll have a couple bounce houses from Beanie Bounce rentals, Mission BBQ will be coming with a truck, there will also be an ice cream cart and a popcorn cart.  Plus, plenty of baseball!  We welcome anyone in the community to come down and join us. 

Are there any events outside of games and such? Any fundraisers or anything?

Yes, we are having a Family Social on Saturday, May 18th at Conshohocken #2 from 6-9pm.  Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children and are not limited to members of the little league – anyone can come.  There will be a DJ, free food and drinks (including beer for the adults).  We plan on having several games set-up for the kids and adults and will have a basket raffle with some great prizes.  We’re excited for the event and the opportunity to bring everyone together for a night of fun. 

Anyone interested in tickets can contact us at ConshyLL@yahoo.com.

How about an alumni game? Coaches vs. kids or anything?

We had not thought of an alumni game, but I love the idea.  We are having a Coaches vs Cancer event in conjunction with our Closing Day on June 15th.  We’ll be selling Wall of Hope cards for $1 at the snack stand throughout the season and hanging them in lanyards around the complex.  We’ll also be selling pink Coaches vs Cancer socks for $10 a pair.  On June 15th we’ll have our championship games and some fun activities like a home run derby and wiffle or kickball tournament with a nominal entry fee of $2-5.  And now I think an alumni game could be in the works! 

We’re also lining up some survivors to come out and speak throughout the day.  We’ll be holding a 50/50 raffle as well.  All proceeds from the day will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  Hopefully this is an event the whole community will come out for. 

Scott, Thanks for your time. Add anything you want to add?

The only thing I’d want to add are a few thank yous.

The dedication of our Board has been inspiring.  Everyone has gone above and beyond since last fall and are aligned in the direction the league is heading. Tom Montemayor, Joe McTamney, John Primus, Jennifer Nelson and Ron Januzelli all deserve a lot of credit.

A number of league members (parents & coaches) have been coming to our Board Meetings regularly which is greatly appreciated and has brought forth numerous ideas that otherwise would not have been heard or acted upon.

Coach Manero has been great in supporting our efforts as well.  We held winter workouts at the Fellowship House and he made sure a few players showed up at the sessions.  The kids loved it.  He even made it to one of the sessions himself along with a couple of his assistants. 

And, we’re thankful that our coaches are being supportive and buying in to what we’re trying to achieve.  They say it takes a village to run an organization and in my mind we’re part of the best one around.

Really, thanks so much. As a kid I played Little League Baseball and I think it’s a great thing for kids to try out, learn the game, make some friends and learn some life skills, working together and such… to all of the players, coaches, parents and board members of Conshohocken Little League, we want to wish all of you a fun and successful season.

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