December 15, 2018


Conshohocken Elementary School - Kindness Matters - Great Kindness Challenge

Conshohocken Elementary School – Kindness Matters – Great Kindness Challenge


by Brian Coll



All this week students, teachers and staff at the Conshohocken Elementary School are participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. What does that mean to you…. well, if you see a student, maybe they are a neighbor or selling girl scout cookies you can ask them about it. It sounds like they are going to be doing a little something extra. Maybe picking up a piece of trash, or holding the door for someone. Maybe it’s just being nice to their classmates. During the course of the week the school has a few things lined up and we hope to bring you photos from some of the cool events.


This past Friday they held a pep rally and we were there taking pictures. As someone who went to that school, it was a fun flashback for me personally. The gym seemed so much bigger when I was in 4th grade or something!!!!! The teachers were so full of energy as were the staff and principal. It was such a good time and I hope we can take a few pictures this week and share on our Facebook page. Here are a few we took Friday and we posted a few videos over the weekend on our Conshystuff Facebook page if you want to check them out. The kids even did the Eagles fight song and I think that helped get them into the Super Bowl!!!!! Go Eagles. Go Conshy Elementary!!!!








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