May 23, 2019


Conshohocken Elementary School - Great Kindness Challenge - Photo

Conshohocken Elementary School – Great Kindness Challenge – Photo


by Brian Coll











We were thrilled to be able to capture this great group of students and staff at Conshohocken Elementary School. They had such fun doing this and I had as much fun taking these great photos.


Parents, if you have children here you should be thankful, it is a great group. If you are considering sending your younger children here you won’t be disappointed. It’s such a great staff and environment.


All week long they are taking part in the Great Kindness Challenge. They have had pep rallies, a welcoming tunnel, the students are working on posters for the other schools in the districts and more. I was simply watching the children this week and they all seem to get along and listen very well to the teachers and staff. We are lucky to have this school in our backyard.

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