December 14, 2018


Conshohocken Conversation - Whitney Taylor Crisp

Conshohocken Interview – Whitney Taylor Crisp


by Brian Coll




I realized I talk a lot about my childhood in Conshohocken or what I love about it, so I thought I would ask a few other people some questions and share our conversations. This is the first and I thought of her immediately when I decided to do this. Today I am sharing a conversation with Whitney Taylor Crisp. Whitney and I found ourselves at the library for story time with Miss Lorraine while my Nora and her Shelby were both tiny little babies. The Library alone is one of the things I love about Conshohocken, but I wanted to know what brought Whitney and her family here. So here you go, well, actually before I share our conversation, I have to tell you. I am really glad I got the chance to meet Whitney and her husband Rob. I have been involved in Conshohocken my entire life and I have friends here from my childhood and sometimes as you get older you don’t meet many people and open up. Honestly I am happy with my circle of friends if you will, however being a dad and seeing my children get along with other kids and playing with new people made me realize it’s okay to meet new people and form new friendships. Anna and I are really glad we have got to know Rob and Whitney and our kids play so well together. I love seeing them hug each other like they haven’t seen each other in forever when in reality it’s been a day or two. Whitney talks about their house, and I have to tell you I love it. They have a great backyard and all of the work they did inside really shows off how much they care about the house and the community. So, now….. here is our Conshohocken conversation:


Okay, I write a lot about what Conshohocken was like for me growing up and I wanted to talk to other people about Conshohocken. And instead of talking to people I have known forever and might have similar feelings I wanted to talk to you because you came to Conshohocken more recently. What was it about Conshohocken that made you and Rob choose to buy a home here and raise your family?

We moved from NC to roxborough in 2004 and actually asked our agent back then about Conshy and was discouraged. We had a amazing experience in Roxborough. Great neighbors and really got a great feel of the area and culture but we had always wanted to live in a walkable community with restaurants and shops. We found ourselves coming to Conshohocken back then. Then Rob got a work transfer to Colorado and we left in 2008. We missed the east coast dearly. After two years we started trying to get back out east and was considering CT transfer then out of the blue we got a call from an old coworker of Robs about a job back in KOP and we came back in 2011 and knew exactly where we wanted to live. Conshohocken. We knew we wanted to have kids and didn’t want to be back in Philly school district and the loved the walkability of Conshy. We always wanted to have a very old home to redo and had rehabbed 4 homes before but never 100 year old so that was fun. We love Conshy no plans on leaving.

I don’t know how to say this but we find the people of these area to be such good people, unpretentious most of the people we have met we just click with. You guys can be wide open and opinionated but we fit right in. I have rarely ever felt like an outsider.

Have there been any pleasant surprises that Conshy has had to offer that maybe you didn’t know about before buying here?

Despite all the commercialization and development I feel Conshy still has that small town feel and my kids love this little town and visiting the deli, scoops and the parks and the cow and train and all the great stuff.

Anything maybe on the flip side of that? Have you grown to not like something?

The turnover. We have several great neighbors that expand their family had to move to other areas for larger homes. Then you have rental stock that is changing.

Now that you have been here for a few years what are your favorite parts or things about or in Conshy?

Sense of community and walkability to so many amenities. Walking my children to school, catching the train to the city, accessibility, raising the kids in their own little town but access to such a big city.

Any advice you would give to the borough itself that it could be doing better or something the borough could add?

Continuing to improve parks and recreation, build on family oriented activities. Enforce safety speeding enforcement or safe crosswalks like in Bridgeport in a spot or two. We saw recently a business not shoveling their sidewalks and a blind resident struggling and need Rob’s assistance to navigate. We called and nothing happened for days. If we’re a walkable community we need the sidewalks safe.

What is your go to restaurant?

With the kids Boathouse but just us its hard pick we love them all.


We love the Boathouse too. Nora will tell me she wants to go there if I give her options, she even picks it if Frendlies is in the mix of places I offer. I think I’m doing something right when she tells me she wants to go there.


Whitney, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. I think sometimes my love of Conshohocken gets me carried away when I talk about it, or people think I am wearing rose colored glasses at all times. I know there are flaws, there are always flaws everywhere, but I love the people here.

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