October 22, 2018


Congratulations to the New Owners of Leeland Mansion (Old Borough Hall)

Congratulations to the New Owners of Leeland Mansion (Old Borough Hall)


by Brian Coll


    I wish I could have put together the winning bid of over a million dollars for the Leeland Mansion, I would have lived upstairs, reinstalled the old bowling alley above the police station, why stop there, I would have put the pool in as well and the basketball court. These things were all there at one point and the house where I grew up was part of John Ellwood Lee’s golf course at one point as well. I have always loved that building, actually two buildings. It is one of the gems of Conshohocken and brings you back to the old days when mansions lined Fayette Street. If you like the idea of mansions on Fayette Street there is still a day or two left to order our last book, Conshohocken and West Conshohocken – People, Places and Stories. There is a large chapter on old Fayette Street. If you are interested call us at 610-825-7072 and we’ll take your order…… Back to Leeland. I grew up in the shadows of the building and loved exploring it over the years. I went through a final time a couple days ago just to see it one more time before the new owners do their best to fix it up.


So, new owners, yes. If you have not heard by now, the new owners are HOW Properties, and we want to congratulate them. We have met the owners over the years and think the world of them and we know they will have the best intentions with the property. We know you already have your office at 1145 Forrest Street, so we really can’t say welcome to Conshohocken, but we want to welcome you to your newest challenge. Best of luck to the owners and team there. HOW properties has worked with the Colonial Neighborhood Council over the past few years with a Thanksgiving dinner one year, a pub crawl another year, currently they are a drop off point for the Conshystuff Food Drive and we can’t thank them enough. If someone besides myself had to buy it, I was glad it was them. So, Gary, Andrew, Gary and Bill congrats. I have met a number of your team or staff there over the years and everyone is first class and dedicated, not only to you and your business but to the community. Thank you and good luck from your friends at Conshystuff and Coll’s Custom Framing.


I am not 100% sure what the plans are for it at this point. If you need someone to open an ice cream store there let me know. I can partner with Scoops and keep it open year round. I look forward to seeing the progress, and I understand the owners are excited about this years Christmas Tree Lighting on the property which takes place on black Friday. I have loved seeing Mayor Frost and the Ambucs year after year host the Christmas Tree Lighting there, it is a nice tradition and we will see what happens next year. I understand the borough actually planted or is going to plant another Christmas Tree at the Mary Wood park House. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next year.


One more time, best of luck and Congrats to HOW Properties.


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